Customer Spotlight_ Open Listings' Secrets to Hiring Success

Customer Spotlight: Open Listings’ Secrets to Hiring Success

As a member of the sales team, I’d pitched the following story countless times: “Your hiring process looks something like this: you put out a job ad and reviewed resumes of applicants. You get on a phone screen with an applicant. [Incorporate shameless plug for our interview scheduling tool here.] About 2 minutes into your […]

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Hiring in 2012: The Year of the Video Interview

The world might not have ended in 2012, but last year certainly was an exciting time for the video interview. Employers discovered how helpful it could be to connect with top candidates via video and shorten their hiring process. With the tough economy and the war for talent, it was more important than ever before […]

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Why HR Pros Should Ditch the Phone Interview

As employers and hiring managers, you know that the hiring process is time-consuming. In fact, on average it takes about 45 days for an employer to find, interview and hire their new employee. When you look at the grand scheme of things, that’s a long time! So when something comes up that can shave some […]

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