What Makes An Employee Happy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Employee Retention 101: Keeping Everybody Happy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Not only is it hard to make everybody happy, but it’s difficult to keep them all happy. As an employer though, that’s your goal. On top of keeping your clients and shareholders happy, you’re working on a daily basis to keep your employees happy. After all, their happiness is the key to appeasing everyone else.

Should You Hire Underqualified Job Candidates?

Every company wants the best and the brightest working for them, but hiring the best and the brightest isn’t always easy. Obviously, there is a lot of demand for top talent so being successful in recruiting these applicants is sometimes difficult, even impossible. That’s why recruiters and hiring managers should carefully consider hiring underqualified candidates.

Follow Up: Negotiating Pay at Review Time

Last week, we discussed tips for negotiating pay during the hiring process. Of course, the other main situation when you might have to think about negotiating salary is during performance reviews. Performance reviews are set aside to discuss how well an employee is doing his/her job, and it is the logical time for a savvy […]

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