7 of the Best Questions to Screen for Toxic Employees in the Interview

You hire a candidate who seems perfect on paper and who seemed friendly in the interview. But after a few weeks on the job, they’re not working out. They don’t work well with the team, they gossip, and are arrogant. They’re a toxic employee, and they’re poisoning your team. Hiring a toxic employee is more […]

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toxic employee vlog

Toxic Employees and Your Company Culture #VLOG

Do you know what a toxic employee is? Do you how how negatively they can influence the rest of your team? Well, if you aren’t quite sure, then be sure to watch this week’s vlog below. We talk about how just approximately 5 percent of your employees could be accounting for 90 percent of people’s […]

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Toxic Employees: How to Maintain Company Culture

We’ve all had to deal with toxic employees in our work lives. These are the Debbie Downers who never seem to be happy no matter what’s happening at the company. No inconvenience is too small to escape the criticism of these employees and no good news is big enough to lift their cloud of gloom. […]

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