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The Best Strategies for Managing Part-Time Employees

The Best Strategies for Managing Part-Time EmployeesSuccessfully supervising part-time employees can be tricky. These individuals are an important part of your organization, but they’re not in-office every day, so it’s easy for communication lapses to occur. In order to keep part-time employees moving in the same direction as the rest of your team, utilize these strategies:

Hold regular meetings

Just having everyone in the same room is a powerful tool when it comes to keeping your staff members on the same page. E-mail is great, but it’s no substitute for regular face-to-face contact. Even if you just bring the part-timers in for a lunch with the rest of the group, you’ll find that your company feels much more cohesive.

Keep as much consistency as possible

This will depend on your business and industry, but consistency is important when you want to ensure that your part-timers are performing to the best of their ability. If you run a restaurant and you have servers working opening shifts, closing shifts, and lunchtime shifts with no rhyme or reason to their schedule, you may find that it’s harder for them to get into a groove. Whenever possible, try to make schedules consistent and logical.

Don’t let rules go out the window

Even though the employees aren’t full-time, they should still be expected to adhere to certain rules and regulations. Lay these policies out ahead of time and make sure that everyone understands them. When there are expectations in place, you’ll find that the quality of the work that part-timers produce increases.

Make it a point to check in regularly

As a manager, you need to make yourself readily available to all employees, regardless of whether they are full or part-time. Ensure that your part-time team members know that they are always free to ask questions or voice concerns, regardless of how often they are in the office.

What do you do to manage your part-timers successfully?

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