How Celebrating Small Wins Can Enhance Company Culture

Celebrating big wins is something that seems to come naturally to many companies.  Quite often, the small wins are overlooked and forgotten. As a small business, it’s important that you are recognizing these small wins in addition to the big wins.  There can be long lulls between the big wins at times and if you […]

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How to Prevent HR Tech Issues with Your Candidates

Technology has come a long way in HR.  Online applications, video resumes, and applying via social media are all excellent resources that offer talent a variety of ways to apply to our positions. With all of the great advancements that technology has provided to HR, it is still important to realize that there will be […]

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How to Stay in Touch with Clients through Email Campaigns

While it may not be the latest and greatest form of communication in HR technology, email is still a useful tool for recruiters. There are many different ways you can create an effective email campaign to stay in touch with your clients.