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How to Prevent HR Tech Issues with Your Candidates

Technology has come a long way in HR.  Online applications, video resumes, and applying via social media are all excellent resources that offer talent a variety of ways to apply to our positions.

With all of the great advancements that technology has provided to HR, it is still important to realize that there will be technical glitches from time to time.  If you want to do your best in making the application and consideration process as simple as possible for your candidates, you will need to do the following:

Use a proven system.

Whether you are using an applicant tracking system (ATS) for accepting applications, live video interviews, or other technical systems it is important that you are using proven systems.

Do your research before signing up for any new systems and make sure that you are getting something that will be effective for both you and your candidates.  Check with other HR tech experts in the field to find out what systems work for them and how they utilize the systems.

Test your systems.

Always test your systems thoroughly before rolling them out.  Get with your team members and make sure that everyone has tested out each piece of the system before you take it live.  This gives you a chance to work out any bugs or glitches ahead of time, eliminating the chances that your candidates run into a lot of issues.

Provide Instructions.

After you have tested the system, assign someone to create detailed instructions for your candidates.  Have your team review the instructions to make sure that nothing has been overlooked and that everything is clear and understandable.

It is advisable to make these instructions easy to read.  Stay with quick, brief bulleted instruction lists with perhaps a few instructional pictures included. If you provide a long paragraph format of instructions, many candidates will skip the time consuming reading and often times experience issues.

Have a go-to person for questions.

Of course, there will be issues from time to time with any technology system.  Make sure that your candidates have access to your go-to person when it comes to the system.

Somewhere within the information that the candidate has, you should provide contact details of someone who can be reached in case of technical problems.  This could be your IT specialist or simply your in-house expert on the system at hand.

How do you make sure your candidates don’t run into technology issues?

Julia Weeks

Julia is a skilled Recruiter with over 8 years of experience in sourcing, interviewing, and hiring within many industries globally. She works closely with hiring managers and job seekers to understand needs and desires, while offering guidance and ensuring the right fit. When not recruiting or writing, Julia enjoys spending time outside cycling, taking her dog for walks, or honing her sailing skills.