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5 Ways to Increase the Speed of Your Hiring Approval Process in 2016

Not only does a slow hiring process stretch the rest of your team thin, it can cause you to miss out on desirable candidates who receive offers from other companies while you’re still working on making a final decision. In order to continue to hire effectively, your business should focus on streamlining your hiring process in 2016. Here are some ways to make this happen:

Train Your Recruiters and Hiring Managers More Effectively

If these people understand the urgency of fast hiring, they’re more likely to work to move the process along. Give real world examples about how detrimental a slow process is to your company, and then offer tips for keeping the process moving.

Keep Your Applicants in the Loop

If you fail to update candidates about where you are in the process, don’t be surprised when they accept other offers. In order to keep candidates more engaged, make it a point to connect with them regularly about where you are in the process.

Do a Better Job of Vetting Candidates in the Beginning

You should be selective about the candidates you choose to bring in for an interview. Ideally the people you meet with during a first round interview should still be strong potential employees, even though it’s early in the process. You shouldn’t use the first round interview to talk to just anyone, even if it is for a short phone or video interview. When you’re more selective about who you talk to, it makes the hiring process easier and faster, as you’re not wasting time on those who simply aren’t qualified.

Set Firm Deadlines

When you head into the hiring process with set deadlines in mind about when each step will be finished, it’s easier to stay on track. Determine when you want first and second round interviews to be done, then figure out when you’d like to have a decision made and the chosen candidate notified. Make sure everyone is aware of these deadlines and stick to them as best you can.

Set Realistic Expectations

If you move through the hiring process waiting to find the perfect candidate, you’ll be searching and searching with no luck. Instead of waiting until a flaw-free application shows up on your desk, be realistic as you analyze the materials you receive. Perhaps the individual didn’t receive a degree from a highly prestigious school, but have they obtained other certifications or training? Do they have unique work experience that could benefit the rest of the team? When you accept that a perfect candidate is a myth, it makes it much easier to make a choice.

Another trick to make the hiring process move along quickly? Start sorting through the applications you receive as soon as they come in. Waiting until you have hundreds of resumes sitting in front of you feels overwhelming and can slow the process down.

How do you plan to speed up your hiring approval process in 2016?

Lauren Levine

Lauren Levine is a copywriter/blogger who contributes to a number of magazines and websites including The Frisky, USA Today, and others. She also authors her own blog called Life with Lauren. She loves cooking, anything on the E! network, and is trying to convince herself that running isn't so bad.