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How to Approach the Seasonal Hiring Process

How to Approach the Seasonal Hiring ProcessSeasonal workers are an extremely important part of a store’s team, especially during the days and weeks leading up to Black Friday, Christmas, or other important days in retail. It takes a unique type of person to excel in this position. You need someone who will be enthusiastic and fully focused, despite knowing that the work isn’t permanent. If you’re hiring for seasonal workers, here’s how you can ensure that you’ll find the best additional members for your team:

Create a job description just as you would for any other position

Though the job isn’t permanent and opportunities for growth may be limited, the position is still valuable and deserves to be treated with equal importance. Create a job description for the seasonal position that explains what is required of the employee, what skills are needed, and other pertinent information. When applicants know exactly what to expect, it helps to cut down on turnover and leaves you with staff members who enjoy the work they’re doing.

Have a standard interview process

It’s stressful trying to find people to work early morning or late-night shifts, but don’t just bring people in, ask if they can work, and then offer them employment on the spot. Instead, put them through a traditional interview process. If the person can work whenever you need them but they treat customers terribly and stand texting on their phone the whole time, then you don’t want them on your team anyway. Make it a point to hire only people who will be dedicated and focused when they’re on the clock.

Put standards in place

If your full-time employees have to dress a certain way and adhere to a specific code of conduct, you’ll need your seasonal employees to do the same. When you have different standards for one group, it creates tension and low morale in the work place. Keeping everything uniform is the best way to ensure that everyone stays focused and productive.

How do you approach seasonal hiring? Let us know in the comments!

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