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Key Ideas to Keep in Mind When Hiring for Healthcare

Key Ideas to Keep in Mind When Hiring for HealthcareWhile a doctor’s office or hospital may look and feel quite different from your typical Fortune 500 company, in reality, many of the same hiring principles apply as you get ready to bring new talent on board. In order to prevent turnover and ensure the best patient care possible, you’ll want to move through the hiring process carefully and with a few key ideas in mind. They should include:

Focus on hiring someone who’s concerned with the greater good of the organization and its patients

Especially in a healthcare situation, hiring a team player is essential. This kind of environment is dependent on cooperation and understanding from all staff members in order for everyone to enjoy success. If you hire a new employee who’s simply focused on accomplishing their own tasks and achieving their own personal successes, they’ll quickly have a negative impact on the workplace as a whole.

As you hire, talk to that candidate about how they interact with others, how they see themselves fitting in within an office, and how they’ve helped their co-workers out in a pinch in the past. These questions can give you some insight about the value they place on office camaraderie.

Consider bringing in key members of the team for part of the interview process

Because healthcare can be such a collaborative field, it may make sense to bring other members of the team into the interview process, particularly during the final rounds of hiring. If you’re confident in your new hire but everyone else in the office hates that individual, ultimately you’ll probably end up having to find someone new sooner rather than later. To prevent this from happening, it helps to get some input from other people. Allow them to ask questions and interact with candidates in order to get a sense of who they can see themselves working with every day.

Don’t allow yourself to get fooled by personality

Unfortunately, a charismatic person can give a great interview, yet can fail to deliver when they actually come in and start working in that office. In order to protect yourself from being charmed and ultimately making a poor hiring call, it’s important to put a consistent hiring process into place. When each candidate is evaluated based off of the same criteria, it helps to prevent you from being swept away by personality, only to end up regretting the hiring choice you made.

How do you keep your hiring process consistent as you fill healthcare positions? Let us know in the comments!

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