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The Best Ways to Hire and Retain Call Center Employees

The Best Ways to Hire and Retain Call Center EmployeesIt takes a certain type of person to find success working in a call center. For this reason, those doing the hiring should do so with care, taking the time to make a careful choice as they bring a new team member on board. In order to hire top talent and retain these employees, consider these points:

Look for a positive attitude

It’s easy to train a person on how to be successful on the phone. It’s much more difficult to train them to have a positive outlook, how to have patience with the person on the other end of the line, and how to think quickly on their feet. Instead of zeroing in on a person’s experience, also analyze that individual’s personality. Though they may not have worked at a call center before, if they have a cheerful disposition, a genuine interest in people, and plenty of patience, they will excel in this role far more than someone who has worked in a call center for years but is constantly cranky and irritated.

Emphasize the importance of consistency

Speed is key when it comes to working in a call center, but it’s important to reinforce to your employees that consistency is equally essential as they move through their work each day. They want to move quickly, without sacrificing quality and precision as they go.

Talk about different types of customers

Your employees need to be comfortable interacting with a variety of different types of customers. If you can go through and detail the different kinds of people that they may find themselves chatting with, you’re helping to ensure that they’re relaxed and calm in any situation. This kind of preparation is key when you want your team to be successful. Simply expecting your team members to adapt to any kind of situation isn’t fair to anyone involved, and sets everyone up for failure.

In a high-speed environment like a call center, training often falls by the wayside. As a result, employees end up in over their heads, yielding high turnover rates. If you can take time to train new staff members and help brief them on what to expect, you can help to slash these turnover rates and ensure that your employees thrive in this kind of role.

What hiring practices do you put into place in order to ensure that you assemble the best team for your call center? Let us know in the comments!

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