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3 Focus Points in Recruitment for Education on the Road to Recovery

Teachers saw challenges beyond their wildest dreams when forced into virtual classrooms in early 2020. Coming back for the following school year was just as difficult in spite of plans and protocols put in motion. Many schools have since adopted virtual learning as an option for many students.

Undoubtedly, due to market shifts in recent years, many teachers nearing retirement decided to take their leave while numerous education graduates fumbled to find their way into teaching. These events widened gaps in the talent shortage already straining the education system.

One of the biggest obstacles to education during the pandemic was ensuring safety for students and staff. Uncertainty and limited knowledge made it difficult for education decision-makers to put dependable plans in place, and for recruiters to adequately keep candidate pools informed and nurtured as hiring holds threatened to cripple many districts.

While school districts work toward finding a balance and the talent shortage in education is an ongoing concern, the digital processes that were adopted for recruitment for education are vital to keeping a safe and clear hiring process in place for educators. Here are three ways to ensure a safe and virtual hiring experience to fill vacancies, and have qualified teachers ready to enter your open seats:

Safety at the forefront 

Safety is always a top concern for teachers. Parents entrust their children to school staff for six to eight hours a day. But protecting the health and safety of teachers is necessary to ensure the needs of students are met each day. The 2020 global pandemic raised awareness of the need for protocols to continue education outside of the classroom when necessary. 

From the first interaction with candidates, provide the safety protocols that the school district has in place, from classroom ratios to indoor/outdoor settings, mask-wear, virtual/hybrid policies. While the scene is always changing, the school districts have this information. Provide it to your candidates from the start, setting the stage for the level of detail and transparency that your administrators are taking to ensure both staff and students are safe.

For example, video was the lifeline for educators during the initial shutdowns. Many schools have seen the value of providing ongoing video enrichment for students and allowing parents and teachers to connect through video conferencing. Showcase and include information on how virtual aspects are incorporated when convenient and necessary. 

Additionally, taking the extra step to use video interviews and video messaging in the recruitment for education process is a powerful way to demonstrate to candidates the measures the school district has in place to keep everyone safe, even in the hiring process.

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Convenient and effective technology

One invaluable tool that paved the way for virtual classrooms and hiring for education is video technology. And it’s a resource that should remain in the education hiring process.

Show candidates the ease of directing interviews, making introductions, conducting meetings, sharing information, and making personal connections in the early recruiting process. Creating a positive candidate experience with video interviews is a valuable way to help them realize the potential of working within a school district that leans into safe and reliable technology. 

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School culture

The culture within a school environment is just as much of a draw for teachers as it is for parents and their pupils. This extends from teacher and staff collaboration and communication to making connections with the community and families they serve. It can be difficult to relay an accurate picture of the culture when schools need to be cautious of safely admitting visitors. 

The extra precaution and detail put into culture videos when creating content for recruitment for education shows a clear picture of the school culture and helps candidates determine fit. It also shows the value placed on taking the necessary measures to limit unnecessary risk in the day-to-day school atmosphere. 

Video interviews, particularly live interviews, make it possible for teaching candidates to ask questions about the culture and connect with key decision-makers and other teaching staff in real time. Prepare to answer questions about the school culture and ask some of your own structured interview questions when screening candidates to be sure there is a strong fit to prevent costly turnover. Besides the impacts on the school’s budget, losing teachers can have devastating effects on staff and students.

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