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How to Toe the Line Between Fun and Productivity In Your Office

How to Toe the Line Between Fun and Productivity in Your OfficeAs a manager, you want to ensure that your employees enjoy coming to work each day, but that their time is being spent productively. In order to successfully maintain a balance between productivity and fun at work, keep these tips in mind:


  • Take meetings outside when possible: On nice days, consider taking meetings outside. The fresh air helps to stimulate creativity and energy levels, particularly in the mid-afternoon when team members may start to feel worn down and sluggish. Some managers even like to do walking meetings, with occasional pauses to jot notes down. These meetings are often much more inspired than the traditional conversations that happen around tables in conference rooms.
  • Design the office for collaboration: Productivity does not necessarily equate to working silently in a cubicle. In fact, some of the most creative ideas are formed when groups of employees are able to work together to brainstorm and solve problems. To promote an office that is both productive and fun, design spaces that encourage collaborative work. Include open areas with plenty of tables and chairs where employees can gather together to work and talk about ideas. This also helps to foster a sense of camaraderie that is good for morale.
  • Encourage wellness: When employees feel better physically, they’re happier at work. For this reason, many companies find it beneficial to support employee wellness programs. They may help to offset the cost of a gym membership, or may allow their staff members to take a longer lunch so that they can squeeze in a workout during the middle of the day. Since studies show that people who workout get sick less, have more energy, and feel more positive, these small sacrifices often provide major benefits for that organization in the long run.
  • Let employees select office furniture: Your staff members will spend a lot of time at work, so you want them to feel comfortable with their surroundings. To help ensure that this is the case, you can have them pick out their chair and desk. This promotes physical comfort, while also showing that they are a valued part of that office.

Lastly, don’t forget to celebrate small victories. It’s easy to get so caught up in the stresses of the work day that you forget to enjoy small accomplishments. Though the achievement may be minimal, celebrating makes that office a much more positive and pleasant place to work, thus, boosting employee happiness levels.

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