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Reasons Why Workplace Camaraderie Matters

Reasons Why Workplace Camaraderie MattersWhile it may seem like camaraderie in the workplace is nice but not totally essential, a sense of closeness amongst co-workers can actually improve happiness and productivity in that office. Managers shouldn’t minimize the importance of team bonding, especially if they’re looking to lower employee turnover rates. Here are some reasons why camaraderie at work is so beneficial:

It helps your team to perform better

Imagine walking into an office each day where you either don’t really know anyone or don’t like the people you do know. You will probably want to bolt out of there as soon as you can, and may not feel your best at work. But when you head into the office and are excited and energized by your colleagues, you’re more likely to want to stay until the project is done. You’ll also bring energy and enthusiasm to the work you’re doing.

It improves the ability to work as a team

When your staff members genuinely like each other, their work on team-based projects improves greatly. Communication levels are high, as people are more willing to play off of one another and defer to those who have stronger ideas and more experience. Plus, the whole process is more pleasant when you’re not trying to create something great with a group of strangers.

It boosts employee retention rates

Staff members who truly feel connected to their office are much more likely to stick around than those who come into work, leave at 5:00 each day, and feel no real bond with anyone they work with. If you’re looking to bring employees on board and keep them there, you’ll want to promote inter-office bonding.

So now that you know that this kind of camaraderie matters, what can you do to promote it in your own office?

  • Schedule an event where bonding can happen, like a happy hour, lunch, or other get-together where people have the opportunity to chat casually with their co-workers.
  • Understand that chitchat during the day isn’t all bad. While you want to make sure your team stays productive, casual conversation helps your employees to connect on a deeper level.
  • Focus your own efforts on bonding with your team. If your staff members barely know you, they may feel uncomfortable coming to you with questions or concerns. As a manager you don’t want to be best friends with those you oversee, but you want them to be comfortable seeking out assistance when needed.

What do you do to promote bonding in your office? Let us know in the comments!

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