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Tips for Managers on Navigating Your Office Holiday Party

The office holiday party is a great way for you to get some quality time with your employees in a low-key, relaxed setting. However, understand that your staff members will be carefully observing your behavior at the festivities, even if it may seem otherwise. With that in mind, use these tips to ensure that the holiday party goes smoothly both for you and your staff members:

Remind your employees that they are appreciated

The holidays are the perfect excuse to slow things down and remind your team members how much you appreciate them. As things get hectic on a daily basis, it’s easy to forget to show your gratitude. Make sure that you reiterate your appreciation for their hard work, even if you feel certain that they know how you feel already.

Drink in moderation

Just like an employee doesn’t want to get too drunk at the office Christmas party, when a manager goes overboard on the eggnog during the soiree, it can cause serious issues. In order to be successful in your role, you need your team to respect you. When you are stumbling, spilling your drinks on people, and slurring your words, this can leave a lasting negative impression. After seeing this kind of performance, your team members may have a hard time taking you seriously, which makes it hard for you to be effective as a leader. For this reason, moderation is key.

Spend some time with everyone

When it’s clear that there is favoritism within the company, the work environment can become toxic. While you may think you’re just engaged in an in-depth conversation with a particular employee, other staffers may see this as you favoring this person. This one simple action can set of a negative chain of events. Remain aware of this potential problem, and make sure to divide up your time evenly as you enjoy the party. It’s great to get into an in-depth conversation with one team member, but make sure not to hurt others’ feelings by inadvertently ignoring them.

Beware of offhand comments

Understand that as a manager, your team takes your words seriously. What you see as a joke could have major implications for someone who works for you. Make sure that the comments you make after a few glasses of wine aren’t going to send your staff members into a tizzy. What may seem like a harmless joke to you could cause your employees to lose sleep.

While it’s great to let your hair down at the company holiday party, remain aware of your importance within the company. As a manager, people take the things you say and do seriously. Make sure that your actions aren’t sending the wrong message and causing alarm among the team.

Lauren Levine

Lauren Levine is a copywriter/blogger who contributes to a number of magazines and websites including The Frisky, USA Today, and others. She also authors her own blog called Life with Lauren. She loves cooking, anything on the E! network, and is trying to convince herself that running isn't so bad.

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