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Free Office Holiday Party Ideas

You’ve seen photos of those raging office parties during the holiday season; however, your small business or company may barely have the budget for office coffee, let alone a huge office holiday party. But that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on hosting a holiday party for your employees. After all, office parties have been known to improve company culture and employee satisfaction.

Fortunately, you can throw a holiday party without breaking the bank. In fact, you can throw one without it impacting your budget at all with these free office holiday party ideas.

Office potluck. If your workplace feels like one big, happy family, capitalize on that feeling with an office potluck for your office holiday party. A week in advance, hang a sign up sheet broken up into categories like appetizers, entrees, sides and drinks. Have each employee sign up for one or two items.

The day of, celebrate by sharing a fantastical, homemade feast with co-workers. Add to the merriment with a holiday music playlist or holiday film. You could even take this idea a step further and conduct a Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange.

Ugly sweater day. If you have an especially young staff, they’ll really get into this free office holiday party idea. Designate a day in which employees can wear their ugliest, most festive holiday sweater or costume. If you’re a more traditional office space, just make sure it’s a day when no clients are visiting.

You can up the ante by making this a competition. Have employees vote for whichever co-workers have the best get-up. The prize can be a day to work from home or lunch on their boss.

Cookie dough exchange. If your co-workers are known for their baking skills and super, secret family cookie recipes, this free office holiday party idea will be one they all love. All employees have to do is make a batch of cookies — but not bake them.

On the day of the exchange, they will bring ziploc bags with three or four dough balls inside. Have them write the name of their cookie along with baking instructions. Employees can exchange the dough, take it home and have holiday cookies that will last their family the entire season.

Present wrapping party. Finally, this free office holiday party brings out the more philanthropic side of your workplace. Team up with a local organization that provides gifts for a family in need. Have each employee bring a gift from the family’s requested list, a roll of wrapping paper or bows and wrap presents together one afternoon. This isn’t just a way to bond with co-workers but a great opportunity for your business to give back.

As you can see, it’s not too difficult to have a fun, free holiday party with your co-workers. Designating time during the holidays to gather and just have fun will improve your company culture and lead to employees who are happier, more fulfilled and loyal to sticking with the business for years to come.

Have any other free office holiday party ideas? Share now in our comments!

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