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5 Recruitment Strategies to Effectively Hire Generation Z

5 Recruitment Strategies to Effectively Hire Generation Z

It’s in recent times that recruiters have considered millennials suitable candidates beyond entry-level roles. And lately, a fresh pool of talent has been emerging in the market. If you are looking for a steady stream of talented candidates for the future, then look no further than Generation Z. To make sure your roles start filling up fast, it’s important that you develop an effective recruitment process to drive the right talent to your organization. However, hiring Generation Z requires you to put in a little extra effort into your recruitment strategies, especially since the market is getting very competitive.

Here’s a deeper dive into 5 recruitment strategies to use when hiring Generation Z:

1. Understand Their Ambitions

Members of Generation Z are likely the youngest applicants in your talent pool and some might even still be studying. But don’t take things at face value. Generation Z has their careers planned out their minds. Right from an internship to their first job, it’s only a matter of time until they land their dream job. Entry-level positions are what they look for and are willing to work their way up. Some might even job hop a little or start their own business.

Hiring Tip:

Understand your candidates’ ambitions so that you can tell them exactly how a current position can get them closer to their dreams. Give them examples of previous or current employees who have taken up a similar role to reach where they are today. Ask candidates about the skills they want to learn and give them a realistic timeline of how long the climb up the ladder will take. Show them what’s in it for them and everything the job has to offer.

2. Check if the Role Aligns with Their Personality

Because Generation Z is so career-focused, it takes more than just a competitive salary to get them to work for you. Not many of them find money a driving force to stay with a company. Generation Z will prefer a role that aligns with their personality and professional goals.

Hiring Tip:

While entry-level candidates may not have great pay, good employers can successfully retain happy employees who fit their company. For instance, a paralegal can work their way up to become a lawyer. Or a content associate can become a content head.

3. Let Them Know How They can Add Value

Generation Z candidates want their careers personalized. This elusive group wants to customize their own career paths and would prefer writing their own job descriptions. Generation Z belongs to the breed of humans who have always thrown the rule book out of the window. They desire a variety of options, with the opportunity to spread their wings and fly when it’s right.   

Hiring Tip:

One of the biggest benefits of entry-level positions is that prior experience is not required. Let them know the roles your company can offer and how Generation Z candidates can tap on this opportunity. Make them understand how they can work on a contract basis without the need for a long-term commitment.  

4. Communicate Your Company’s Values

Generation Z wants an opportunity to make a difference in the workforce. Sure, they enjoy a friendly work environment, flexible work schedules, and mentorship. But a job that makes a difference to people’s lives will boost their desire to work harder. They want their values to align with the company they’re associated with.

Hiring Tip:

Employer branding plays a massive role when communicating your company’s values and demonstrating its role in society. Promoting volunteering for charities and how employees can support a cause are ways to attract Generation Z.  

5. Use Social Media as a Recruiting Tool

Generation Z was born into the age of technology. And they can’t imagine a world where smartphones and Facebook don’t exist. It’s the most popular tools they have been using to look for jobs and explore careers. Since they spend so much time online, they are inclined to understand simple and easy-to-digest content.  

Hiring Tip:

Staying online to connect should be an integral part of your recruitment strategy when hiring Generation Z. Post your job openings on social media and convey a powerful employer brand. Provide the right kind of information to these candidates so that they can make an informed decision.


There’s tight competition for quality candidates, so stay ahead of the game. Make sure you address the exact needs of Generation Z. Take a thorough look at these points and build your strategy around them and you’ll soon have the right candidates coming on board.

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