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How to Hire Dedicated Developers

How to Hire Dedicated Developers

It can be a rather complicated task to hire skilled developers. You need to know how to interview them and what qualities a good developer should possess. Also, you need to determine what type of developer you need – in-house or dedicated developers who will work for you remotely. 

Hiring dedicated developers who work on a remote basis is preferable option for many developers, and you should know about it. This article explains how to hire dedicated developers, why it is a more advantageous option, and ways to interview them. As a bonus, I’ve provided hourly rates by region so you can determine the appropriate budget for your open developer positions.

Advantages of hiring dedicated developers

If you plan to hire dedicated developers, you should understand the reasons for this decision. This section spells out those benefits. 

Lower expenses

Different countries offer various hourly rates, but predominantly outsourcing software development is more profitable. Lower salaries in some regions makes it possible to sell services abroad at a reasonable price. That is why some areas in Eastern Europe are popular among organizations that want to outsource software development with remote dedicated developers. 

Flexible taxation

By hiring dedicated developers that do not exclusively work for your organization, you won’t need to pay taxes for them. Dedicated developers require you to pay only hourly rates. So you won’t have all the troubles in the form of additional taxes. 

Save Time

You don’t need to spend a lot of time looking for developers in your city, and your recruiting process is nearly eliminated. In addition to time savings, you’ll have no need to rent an office for your developers, and can instead spend your time on more critical tasks and goals. 


As we noted above, a lower hourly rate doesn’t mean that the quality level will also be so low. Many countries have universities and other educational establishments that give students a highly technical background. So you can find specialists who have all the necessary skills and the quality of the tasks you assign them will be very high. 

Higher efficiency

It should be considered that specialists prefer working remotely at home or in their native office rather than leaving the country and move to another state or country. For some people, this move won’t be a problem, but in the case of dedicated developers, it is much more efficient to leave them in their habitual environment. 

Qualities of Good Dedicated Developers

How can you define a dedicated developer and be confident that they will fulfill their obligations in good faith? 

Several characteristics will help you identify the best dedicated programmer and then hire them to build your project. 

Ability to work independently 

Good dedicated developers can do their tasks autonomously during the development process. This means that a developer won’t be stuck on one task. They keep progressing, and valuable time won’t be wasted. 


Some developers may feel not very motivated when they work alone, and need a team around them. That is why self-motivation is a critical quality. A dedicated developer should have enough effort to motivate themselves to do the job. 

Be ambitious

Developers should strive to do their job efficiently and skillfully. As dedicated developers are far from you, and you don’t have strict control over them, you should be aware of developers’ intention to be focused on  their work and do it properly. 


When developers are persistent, they will look for ways to solve a problem without reminders from managers. They need to fix problems and notify the team about it since their colleagues may face it as well. 

The list of good qualities to look for in a dedicated developer is limited to the ones above. You may have some additional qualities you want to see in your dedicated development team. Everything depends on your requirements. 

Once you’ve determined the best qualities you require, you can start interviewing developers you liked.

Ways to interview dedicated developers

For a start, you need to communicate with developers and schedule an interview for a specific date and time. And, of course, you need to choose the way how to interview developers. 

Phone call

It is recommended to hold the first interview by phone. You can listen to a candidate, speak with them, find out about the developer’s goals, skills, and so on. Candidates also may ask you questions interesting them, and you may describe the project. But keep in mind that 30 minutes is a maximum time for a phone interview – it will be enough for you to form an opinion about a candidate. 

Video interview

If a phone interview was right, you could set up a video interview. This interview may last longer, it depends on how many questions you have and what you want to find out. This is an essential type of conversation since you can see your developer personally, and form an opinion concerning further cooperation. 

Hard skills testing

To test hard skills of a developer, you may want to hire a local programmer who will be able to verify it and make sure that a candidate is experienced. Or maybe you are good at programming as well, and then you can do it on your own. You can also choose to use software to test their hard skills.

The list of questions will vary depending on what technologies you need for your project, what languages, frameworks, etc. It will help you define the strong and weak sides of the developer’s skills. 

Soft skills testing

That is when you will be able to understand what qualities a developer has. Ask them about their experience, how they managed teams in the past, how good they are at communication with their teams, whether they are ready to work overtime, and other questions relevant to your project. 

When the interview process is over, don’t wait too long to make your decision. Because a candidate may accept another offer, instead of waiting to hear from you. 

Hourly rates by regions: which one is an optimal

And the last section is about the cost of software development in different regions. To truly feel the benefits of hiring a dedicated developer it is wise to choose a developer from an area with a lower rate. 

All rates below are indicated according to this Accelerance report.

Dedicated Developer Rates By Region

Hiring a dedicated developer lowers your expenses, improves the quality of your project, and allows you to focus on other business functions. Once you put your requirements in order in one list, interview candidates appropriately, and then you will be able to find a first-rate and skilled specialist.

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