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How to Use Your Website as a Recruiting Tool

How to Use Your Website as a Recruiting Tool

Websites are becoming an increasingly powerful tool when it comes to recruiting for talent. Even when your HR team has gone home for the day, your site can help to catch the attention of potential new hires. So how do you make sure your business’s website is as effective as possible when it comes to landing new talent? Verify that it includes the following elements:

Your company’s story

What makes your business unique? Who founded the company? What was the vision behind the creation of the business? Reading these details draws a visitor in, leaving them intrigued about working for your company. If you can show that you’re not like any other competitor in your field, you can differentiate yourself from the rest. Your company’s site is also a great place to talk about your values and culture, which are highly important to today’s jobseekers.

An easy way to look at open positions

Instead of relying solely on third party sites to post job openings, use your company’s site to talk about these opportunities. People who are interested in working for your business will probably be inclined to check out your company’s site first, so make it easy for them to find out what’s open. Then, give them a way to apply via the website.

A spot to display your current work and awards

Don’t be afraid to brag on your business’s site. Let potential employees know why they should want to work for you. List off some of your biggest clients, and name some of the awards you’ve received recently. People want to work for successful businesses, so don’t be shy about discussing your own achievements.

An introduction to your management team

Your company shouldn’t be a nameless, faceless organization when someone is researching it online. Put up bios of your top managers (including headshots!) and let your team get creative with what they write. A little personality goes a long way.

How does your company use your website as a recruiting tool? Share with us in the comments.

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