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Why Recruiters Should Be Thankful for Social Recruiting — November 2015 Roundup

Social recruiting goes far beyond simply posting a job opening to Twitter or reaching out to passive candidates on LinkedIn — and to be quite frank, doing it the correct way is an art. As a marketing professional who manages all the social media channels for Spark Hire, I’ve seen a great deal of recruiters posting their opportunities on social.

With social recruiting becoming a necessity for recruiting pros, how are you insuring your job opening stands out from the rest? What is it about your social messaging that makes it extra special and appealing for top-tier talent? NEWS FLASH — passive candidates can tell when your inmail is a template being sent to multiple candidates! So, let’s fix it! Below are a few articles regarding social recruiting strategies done right.

How to Attract, Train, and Retain Top Talent

In this article posted by Bullhorn, Jared Lasonde proposes the idea of actually engaging with new employees and current employees on social media. Why? Because more than ever, happy employees wants to have interactions with their employers even outside of work, on their personal profiles. And if engagement starts to slip, that typically means there are some internal adjustments that need to be made.

It is important to note if your employees aren’t have a positive experience in their role, this won’t work in your favor — unhappy employees are more prone to express their grievances online, so make sure you have happy employees engaging with your social media profiles. Easy, right?!

The Recruiting Reel Episode 4: How to Heat Up Your Talent Search

Social recruiting is a pretty simple idea, but doing it the right way is another story. In this episode of The Recruiting Reel, recruitment strategist and social media recruitment genius offers tips on how to maximize your social recruitment efforts!

The 17 Most Creative Recruitment Campaigns

My personal favorite example of social recruiting (done right) was the Ogilvy example in this blog post from Beamery. They created a video for their YouTube channel in hopes to find the “World’s Greatest Salesperson”. Even though I’m not in a sales position at Spark Hire, after watching the recruitment video, the job advertisement Ogilvy & Mather created had me feeling like being a salesperson is the greatest, most honorable gig ever — and now I just want to dig for insights like a pig for truffles!

3 Tips for Requesting a LinkedIn Recommendation

Social recruiting is also relevant to you, the job seeker. Who is your client? Yourself! In order to market yourself as a great potential hire, you must optimize your LinkedIn page. Make it professional as possible and be sure to ask for recommendations!

  1. Ask — but be strategic
  2. Focus on completed projects
  3. Pay it forward!

In this article, written by Eileen Kern of iCIMS, she offers some best practices of requesting LinkedIn recommendations from your peers.

5 Ways You Know It’s Time to Refresh Your Employer Brand

Is your employer brand in need of a face-lift? In this article written by Jodi Ordioni, President of BRANDEMiX, she brings up the point of staying current with quickly changing employer branding trends. While Instagram and Snapchat might be social outlets the food and hospitality industries can benefits from, for some industries this form of recruitment branding just doesn’t fit.

Coincidentally, Jodi wrote about social recruiting in a post for ERE MEDIA last month — you can read it here >> The Most Buzzed-About Social Recruiting Posts of the Week

Facebook’s Expanded Search, Good or Bad?

In this article, Katrina Collier of Winning Impression writes, “…recruiting on Facebook will become even more of a reality in 2016.” With 1.49 billion users, recruiting on Facebook is a no-brainer. An aspect of Facebook that might be new to you is the “note” feature, where you can publish a professional post, which helps posts look polished and on-point with the personal brand you’re going for. And for recruiters, this means sharing valuable information outside of job opportunities, such as:

  • Sharing employee snaps and short stories
  • Sharing charity events you’re involved in
  • Sharing job search tips and tricks

This way, instead of feeling spammed, your readers feel like you are provided them with information that is important to their success.

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