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Essential Tools for Small Business Owners

Essential Tools for Small Business OwnersWhen you’re running a small business, you need to keep the operation moving smoothly, without spending a lot on expensive computer programs and organizational systems. Additionally, many of the programs that large corporations use simply aren’t suited for smaller companies. Here are some helpful and affordable tools you can use to help keep your business running efficiently:


Wave is great for managing invoicing, payroll, accounting, and other finance-related matters. Unlike finance software for larger companies, Wave is in tune with the needs of smaller businesses. It’s easy to use, and is perfect for organizations with nine employees or fewer. It’s also affordable, so you’re not wasting money on a piece of software you just don’t need.

Sprout Social

If you’re managing your social media marketing efforts in-house, this tool is helpful, as it allows you to take a look at your activity across a variety of different platforms. It streamlines the process too, making it easier and faster to connect with new and returning clients.


Manage your invoices and expenses easily using Expensify. The program allows you to keep this aspect of your business straight, so you can then turn your attention to other matters.


As you continue to build your business, you want to know what your customers are looking for from you. SurveyMonkey is helpful when you’re hoping to do market research and gauge customer satisfaction. It can enable you to make decisions about expanding product lines and company practices so that you can continue to keep your clients happy, and can earn referrals in the future.


Stay in touch with your customers by sending out regular e-mail newsletters highlighting new products or services, company accomplishments, specials, and other noteworthy events. MailChimp makes this easy to do. You can build e-mail lists, develop templates for your newsletters, and quickly add in the desired content.

If you’re a small business owner, what are some of the tools you depend on to keep your company running? Let us know in the comments! 

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