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Why Small Businesses Should Consider Having an Office Manager

Why Small Businesses Should Consider Having an Office ManagerWhen you’re a business owner, your budget is a main point of focus. For this reason, you may want to conserve funds and keep your staff as small as possible. However, adding an office manager to your team can prove to be extremely beneficial for your organization. Here are some of the tasks an office manager can help to take off of your plate:

  • Greeting visitors and guests: Your office manager can set a friendly, welcoming tone for your business’s guests by serving as a pseudo-receptionist. This includes showing clients to your conference room and answering phones. This professional first impression is very important for a growing business.
  • Maintaining office equipment: This individual can ensure that all equipment in your office is in good working order. This includes ordering necessary repairs and maintenance for printers, computers, and fax machines, as well as ordering new desk chairs, filing cabinets, and other pieces of furniture.
  • Bookkeeping: Some office managers are able to handle basic bookkeeping tasks, which include tracking part-time employee hours and client billing.
  • Tending to HR tasks: If you’re not quite large enough to have a separate HR department, your office manager can serve as a liaison between you and your employees, ensuring that everyone is satisfied and that staff members’ needs are being met.
  • Handling paperwork/data collection: An office manager can organize paperwork, track data, and attend to filing-related tasks that keep your business running efficiently.

Office managers can also make sure that essential supplies like staples, computer paper, pens, notebooks, and other items are always fully stocked. By attending to these time-consuming yet necessary tasks, an office manager frees up more hours in your day. This allows you to focus on growing your business as you work toward long-term goals.

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