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5 Better Ways to Communicate with Clients During the Staffing Process

5 Better Ways to Communicate with Clients During the Staffing Process

Client communications should never be approached as one-size-fits-all. For your staffing team and your client’s hiring team to succeed in the same hiring process, it’s critical that information is dispersed seamlessly between your firm and clients.

Some clients prefer to text or chat via live videos, while others may want to fit in as much face-to-face time with you as possible. Whatever the case may be, you have to create a unique communication strategy to gain better insight into their talent needs.

Check out these tips to better communicate with clients:

Become a part of the team

You are an external consultant, but that doesn’t mean you can’t integrate with your client’s company to aid in better communication during the staffing process. Rather than just becoming familiar with the hiring manager or HR director, get to know the whole team. 

Set a time to meet with the hiring team in the thick of the client’s workplace to get a better feel for the company culture and work environment. If you can’t visit, schedule a live video interview to chat with team members or ask for a virtual tour. You want to learn more about what makes the team click and see how they interact to get an organic feel for what types of candidates would fit best. 

Participating in a live video interview may seem strange at first. But this process allows you to pick up on non-verbal cues and, as an added bonus, look back on your conversation later.

You can also create a one-way video interview for the hiring team where you answer their questions and dig deeper into how you plan to reach their goals. This will establish a more genuine relationship, which is the foundation for excellent communication and feedback.

Incorporate new technology

A 2019 Bullhorn study found 78 percent of North American staffing pros believe the integration of technology into all areas of business will benefit them.

Embrace new tools that will improve communication between you and your clients. This includes updated hiring technology. For example, our platform allows you to share candidate videos with your client’s hiring team and get feedback directly. 

This makes the process of discussing candidate pros and cons much simpler. The hiring team can quickly review final candidates without needing to sort through a pile of documents, the entire team is included in the discussion without needing to CC 15 people, and both you and your client can easily reference past conversations to see what they did or didn’t like about a candidate without needing to scroll through a lengthy email chain.

Seek out feedback

Successful staffing means learning and growing from client feedback. Check-in with your clients regularly for both positive and negative input on how things are going. Are they satisfied with the staffing process so far? Are you meeting their expectations? What could you be doing better? 

These check-ins should be a personable means to gain ongoing insight into your clients’ needs, rather than just meaningless tasks. Openly discussing the client’s satisfaction throughout the process — not just after a successful placement — will help you identify and rectify any communication breakdowns before they get out of hand. One way to do this is by using short surveys to measure satisfaction over time.

Collect and share data

Sharing data you’re collecting through the staffing process is a great way to establish regular communication with your clients. This shouldn’t just be after a hire is made. Keep the data flowing to your client throughout the process. Some metrics to track and share should include fill rates, time to fill, and submittal accuracy. All of these can be jumping off points for a mutually beneficial conversation.

Keep in touch after a hire

Don’t let a client fall silent following a successful hire. Keep in regular contact so you can stay on top of their staffing needs. Check-in to see how the hire is performing on the job three months after starting — are they still a good fit? After six months, check-in again — are they meeting or exceeding expectations? Showing a genuine interest in the long-term success of the hire not only keeps you top of mind, but also helps you gain more insight into what the client’s needs are. 

Make contact a bit easier by setting up an email campaign to reach out to your clients at various periods of time following a hire. You can even get creative and send out anniversary emails to congratulate clients when a successful hire has stayed with the company for a year or when they’ve completed the contract.  


Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan is the Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform used by 6,000+ customers in over 100 countries.