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6 Reasons Gen Z Are Perfect Staffing Candidates

6 Reasons Gen Z Are Perfect Staffing Candidates

Digital Natives, Gen Tech, Gen Wii, or Generation Z, however you refer to the group born between the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s, they’re entering the workforce in greater numbers every day. And the timing couldn’t be better.

A whopping 55 percent of staffing professionals in a new Bullhorn report stated they believe the talent shortage is worsening. This means it’s time to uncover even more new talent sources.  

Gen Z is uniquely suited to excel at and appreciate the staffing process. This group of young talent is known for being tech-savvy and ambitious. They take job prospects seriously. Meaning staffing pros need to pay attention to how they adjust their process to source this generation of workers.

Here are a few reasons why you should focus on reaching Gen Z and how you can place this unique group of talent in your clients’ open roles:

1. They’re applying where there are specific shortages

They aren’t just tech enthusiasts; they’re experts. And they’re using their tech know-how to tackle the skills gap. According to Glassdoor, there are over 60,000 open jobs for software engineers — a top position for Gen Z applicants.

If your clients are looking to fill tech roles or just expanding open roles with a tech skill set/focus, analyze your clients’ career sites. Then offer specific tips to Gen Z’s technically-focused applicants.

If clients expect candidates to be vying for their open positions, they have to prepare to show their companies’ tech offerings are up to snuff. In fact, 90 percent of respondents in Dell’s report, The Gen Z Effect, stated technology would affect their job choice among similar offers.

2. They don’t mind working for big companies

Unlike the previous generation, Gen Z isn’t shying away from large companies. In fact, the Glassdoor study found giant corporations were the most popular place to work by Gen Z. While your staffing clients may not be Microsoft or Google, the merit and culture of well-known companies attracts this generation.

During the staffing process, showcase your client’s company culture and aspects that appeal to Gen Z, like benefits packages, time-off policies, and commitment to causes. This can be done by sharing their company culture videos or other employer branding channels, like social media groups.

3. They’re serious about their careers

Generation Z takes their careers seriously. According to a study by Monster, 76 percent of Gen Z respondents described themselves as responsible for driving their career.

As staffing candidates, this leads to high-productivity workers willing to go above and beyond. In the previously mentioned Monster study, 58 percent of Gen Z also shared their willingness to work nights and weekends. But they want their pay to reflect their commitment.

Clients that frequently employ temp staff during periods of high-volume should be most interested in considering Gen Z candidates, as these candidates are willing and able to work more hours. Discuss with clients whether there is a clear promotion track or bonus structure to encourage top Gen Z talent willing to go the extra mile.

4. They want growth within their company

When it comes to seeking employment, Gen Z is in it for the long-haul. Commitment to their careers drives them to seek opportunities that ensure future professional (and personal) growth. Be prepared to address questions and insights about growth and development opportunities within your client’s company.

Dig deeper into specific internal training and professional development programs, standard and non-standard role evolvement within the company, and how employees easily move between departments. A basic knowledge of these factors is not enough for Gen Z. They want to know your client has a plan to match their growth potential.

5. They’re independent and self-sufficient

Gen Z is all about independence and autonomy. This generation is highly experienced in finding a YouTube guide for any problem they face and figuring it out themselves. It’s not exactly a skill you’ll find on a resume, but as a staffing candidate, this means Gen Z candidates are self-sufficient and competent with independent work.

Keep their desire for independence in mind when filling clients’ empty roles. This applies to the work environment as well as the work process. They’re not as likely to thrive in an open office environment as a Millennial. But are the perfect fit for roles with remote work and more travel.

6. They can expertly multitask

While critics may be quick to knock Gen Z’s short attention spans, which averages just 8 seconds, this is perfect for multitasking. As digital natives, these candidates thrive in high-paced environments and navigate effectively and efficiently between projects.

When screening Gen Z candidates, assess for how easily they handle multitasking. While they may not be as equipped for positions that require fixed concentration on one task, these candidates flourish in roles where they can use numerous skill sets. Companies that offer cross-training as part of their ongoing development programs would also appeal to this group of talent, so be sure to identify clients with this training structure.

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