3 Ways to Reignite Inspiration and Motivation in Your Employees

One of the frequently asked questions of small business managers today is: “How do I motivate my employees?” Quite often, you will find that even your most motivated employees suffer from burnout from time to time.  While you need employees who are self-motivating, it is also important that you help to encourage and motivate them […]

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Firing an Employee: The Right Approach

Firing an employee is something that most managers dread.  Just the action and process itself is difficult, given that you probably had high hopes when you hired the employee.  However, having an underperforming or unhappy employee can be detrimental to your team.  As soon as you begin noticing the warning signs, you need to take […]

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What Makes An Employee Happy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Employee Retention 101: Keeping Everybody Happy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Not only is it hard to make everybody happy, but it’s difficult to keep them all happy. As an employer though, that’s your goal. On top of keeping your clients and shareholders happy, you’re working on a daily basis to keep your employees happy. After all, their happiness is the key to appeasing everyone else.

Fast 5: Ways That Video Interviews Place People Faster

Video interviews speed up the hiring process. This is one of the best reasons to incorporate video interviews into your talent acquisition strategy. The advantages of hiring employees more quickly are even more important for staffing agencies, where timing and turnaround are essential parts of the business. Don’t waste another second! Here are 5 ways […]

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