Facebook Recruiting

Facebook Recruiting [INFOGRAPHIC]

On this blog, we’ve talked about online recruiting and social recruiting. Facebook is, of course, one of the biggest intersections between those two strategies. Check out this infographic listed below which shows why Facebook is crucial to your online recruiting and social recruiting efforts. You’ll even find some tips for making the most of your Facebook experience.

Employee Hunting in the Deep End

The world is changing, whether it’s the seasons or the winning streak of the Chicago Blackhawks. The world fluctuates, people fluctuate, and the ways people communicate fluctuate. As a human resources professional it is your job to stay on top of these things so you can keep your company changing for the better. One of […]

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Firing Employees For Social Media Use

Trash-talking your employer via social media is a bone-headed and unprofessional thing to do. But can you, and should you, fire an employee over it? Employee terminations over social media use have been hot topics in the news for the past few years, and it is important for employers to know when they can oust […]

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