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Facebook Recruiting [INFOGRAPHIC]

On this blog, we’ve talked about online recruiting and social recruiting. Facebook is, of course, one of the biggest intersections between those two strategies. Check out this infographic listed below which shows why Facebook is crucial to your online recruiting and social recruiting efforts. You’ll even find some tips for making the most of your Facebook experience.

Facebook is invaluable for your online recruiting strategy. It is the second most-trafficked website in the world, and 85% of internet users have an account. More importantly: 74% of internet users use Facebook daily. That’s a huge number of people (who aren’t fake profiles, people’s pets, or adorable elderly relatives who really just don’t get it)!

Because of the enormous traffic to the site, Facebook is a great way to promote your company brand. Check out the top 5 brands with career pages on Facebook. Although you might think of these companies as service industry giants, as opposed to manpower moguls, learn from their online presences. If you had as many Facebook fans as Starbucks, do you think you’d have any trouble with online recruiting? Also note the wide variety of industries represented here. You might expect the page for PlayStation, a brand known for its video game consoles, to have a good online recruiting strategy. But Red Bull and Levi’s also top the charts. It appears that social recruiting transcends industry—so get your company out there!

So, how do you become the Levi’s of social recruiting? Check out the bottom of the infographic: How to be Awesome on Facebook. Engaging with users is the best way to gain “Likes,” and thereby increase your brand exposure. Share interesting content consistently, and engage with users through contests and quizzes. This is also a great place to share video content from your company. Potential hires can interact with your content, and become more engaged in your social recruiting strategy.

The other most important statistic on the infographic is this: 48% of all job seekers have done at least one social job hunting activity on Facebook in the last year.

Make sure that your company is one of those providing social job hunting activities. Social media recruiting is about building a long-term relationship with your potential hires. So, what are you waiting for? Go use Facebook to liven up your social recruiting strategy!

How do you use Facebook in your online recruiting strategy? Tell us your tips—or let us know what frustrates you—below!

Facebook Recruiting

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