How To Hire The Perfect Grad Infographic

How to Hire the Perfect Grad [Infographic]

The Class of 2014 will include more than 1.5 million graduates with bachelor’s degrees. Companies may experience hundreds of applications flooding in from qualified candidates competing for open positions; so, what can you do to determine who will be a perfect fit for your organization? Various technology is readily available for companies to take advantage […]

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3 Reasons That Millenials Are Useful to Your Business

3 Reasons That Millennials Are Useful to Your Business

In 1976, a poll of twenty-year-old job seekers showed that vacation time and a well-respected job position were very important when choosing a position. Thirty years later, Generation Y employees answered the same questions very differently. It appears that things like ample vacation time aren’t on the millennial’s list of important job aspects. But do […]

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Video Interview Secrets to Hiring The Best Young Workers

Is your company ignoring young workers? Perhaps when it’s time to schedule a video interview, you’ve gotten into the habit of avoiding those in a younger age bracket. Aside from being discriminatory, this just isn’t wise for the future of your company. Young workers are bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to companies both big and […]

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