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How To Hire The Perfect Grad Infographic

How to Hire the Perfect Grad [Infographic]

The Class of 2014 will include more than 1.5 million graduates with bachelor’s degrees. Companies may experience hundreds of applications flooding in from qualified candidates competing for open positions; so, what can you do to determine who will be a perfect fit for your organization?

Various technology is readily available for companies to take advantage of in order to effectively and efficiently hire the best people:

  • 6 in 10 HR managers are using video interviews to screen candidates
  • 94% of recruiters and staffing pros utilize social media for communicating with candidates
  • More than 8 out of 10 Millennials are using at least one social network

Reviewing social media profiles and using video interviews allow you to evaluate a candidate earlier on in the process for personality, career passion, and cultural fit.

Furthermore, it is important for companies to take the time to identify and understand the values of tech-savvy and highly-motivated Gen Y candidates. It is also crucial to acknowledge the different company culture perks new grads are looking for in companies they potentially want to work for.

We created the infographic below to help companies better find and connect with only the best new grad candidates who have the skills and personality to be successful team members:

How To Hire The Perfect Grad InfographicDo you plan to hire on more new grads this year? What are your strategies? Share in the comments below!

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