Google It: What HR Professionals Can Learn from the Internet Giant on Keeping Employees Happy

There’s a certain mystique that emanates from Silicon Valley–it’s not just about the wealth of funds and technology–it’s also about the happiness of those who work in its luxurious campuses. You hear stories of fun and creativity, free massages and gourmet cafeterias. After all, we ourselves wrote recently that Google was named the best place […]

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HR Perception vs. Reality #Infographic

Human resource professionals are constantly dealing with employees and the possible issues they have. They hire, fire, pay and check-in. So they should be pretty in-tuned with what employees think and feel, right? That would be the general assumption, however this infographic from and Kenexa suggests otherwise.

HR Horror Stories and Video Interview Solutions

Halloween can be a very scary time of year. Ghosts and goblins seem to be around every corner. Each week in October a new horror movie opens, letting audiences indulge in their most primal fears. On the small screen, television shows like American Horror Story have garnered huge ratings by playing on common horror tropes. […]

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Why HR Pros Should Ditch the Phone Interview

As employers and hiring managers, you know that the hiring process is time-consuming. In fact, on average it takes about 45 days for an employer to find, interview and hire their new employee. When you look at the grand scheme of things, that’s a long time! So when something comes up that can shave some […]

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