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HR Perception vs. Reality #Infographic

hr professionalsHuman resource professionals are constantly dealing with employees and the possible issues they have. They hire, fire, pay and check-in. So they should be pretty in-tuned with what employees think and feel, right? That would be the general assumption, however this infographic from and Kenexa suggests otherwise.

It’s no secret that here at Spark Hire, we love infographics. They offer an interesting and unique way of presenting statistics and information to the reader/viewer. So when we stumbled across this infographic, we figured it was something we should pass along to our HR professionals. The infographic below takes a look at what HR professionals perceive of their employee vs. the reality. This is somewhat similar to the infographic on “What Employees Really Want From Employers,” but with an HR spin.

For starters, the infographic shows that 69 percent of HR professionals believe that they or their company are engaged with their employees. However, only 34 percent actually are. The reality compared to the perception is nearly half. When it comes to employee engagement, and how important it is, that’s a large difference. Furthermore, 71 percent of HR professionals think their employees are offered fair benefits. The truth is, only 48 percent of employees feel the same way. Take a look at the infographic yourself and see if your perceptions are on par with most HR professionals, and if they differ greatly from reality.

HR Perception vs Reality


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  • @human resource benefits Definitely. HR is a great help to companies, but if they are not in-tuned with the employees it can be a real mess. Thank you for your comment and for reading our post!

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