Tweeting to Passive Candidates

Recruiters are already highly aware of the benefits of social recruiting and leveraging tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to help draw in candidates. And with so many outlets available to use, it is especially difficult to maximize their usefulness. Twitter is an especially important tool because it puts information into people’s hands quickly […]

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Categories of Passive Employees

Categories of Passive Employees: How Passive Are They Really?

As previously discussed on this blog, a passive employee is one that, while not currently seeking new employment, is open to a new opportunity. This pool of passive employees is considered to be large, with almost 80% of today’s working professionals falling under the broad term of “passive” job seekers. For recruiters, passive employees are […]

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Increase Your Access to Passive Candidates

You’re looking to fill a current opening in your company and are having a difficult time finding a candidate with the skills and work experience that you’d prefer. The perfect person is out there, and you know it. Perhaps they’re not currently looking for a job at the moment. Perhaps they’re part of the workforce […]

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