3 Reasons You Should Replace Meetings with Huddles

Business meetings are often important and necessary.  However, are you having too many long meetings that seem to buck productivity?  Have you thought about replacing those drawn out meetings with shorter and more productive huddles?  When implementing huddles in your business, you will see an increase in productivity, engaged employees, and quick solutions to problems.

The Small Rituals That Can Increase Your Employees’ Productivity

Even the most focused and dedicated professionals can find themselves feeling distracted and unfocused, particularly as the work week starts to wind to a close. Encourage your employees to use these strategies to boost their productivity levels and feel better. As an added bonus, they’re easy to implement and maintain.

Workplace Efficiency: Small Time Savers to Help with the Big Picture

During any given day, there are a great number of things to accomplish. From day to day tasks which keep the company cogs running smoothly, to large and small projects which will benefit the company in the long-run – it’s difficult to pack in everything that needs attention. Time is a precious commodity in the […]

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Juggling the Aspects of the Work Environment

Inevitably, employees will disagree and complain to each other, their bosses, and to HR about various aspects of their physical workplace environment. Such comments and complaints might involve the temperature, lighting, proximity to other employees, smells, etc. As an HR professional, how can you measure which issues should take precedence? It is within your control […]

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March Madness: How to Keep Your Corporate Culture Productive

The craziest part of March Madness might be how many productivity hours and how much money your company could lose. You’ve worked hard to establish an attractive corporate culture, so you’re not crazy about the idea of cracking down on Internet usage just in March. You trust your employees, and that trust is part of […]

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