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3 Reasons You Should Replace Meetings with Huddles

3 Reasons you Should Replace Meetings with HuddlesBusiness meetings are often important and necessary.  However, are you having too many long meetings that seem to buck productivity?  Have you thought about replacing those drawn out meetings with shorter and more productive huddles?  When implementing huddles in your business, you will see an increase in productivity, engaged employees, and quick solutions to problems.

1. Encourages productivity

If you are having long and frequent meetings, chances are you are cutting into valuable production time.

Ask yourself this question: Is the time I’m allotting for this meeting of value to the company and employees?

When you replace long meetings with huddles, you are condensing the time and information that is discussed within the huddle.  Huddles typically last 15 or 20 minutes at the longest.  Everyone in attendance must be completely prepared for the huddle in order for it to be effective.  This means when employees are asked for updates on certain projects, they must be immediately prepared to share the latest status.  There is no time for shuffling papers and “trying to remember”during a huddle.

The purpose of a huddle is to address status updates and any problems in a short amount of time so that everyone can get back to work, increasing productivity.

2. Energizes employees

During your next long meeting, take a moment to look around at all of your employees and observe their reactions.  You may find that some of your employees are gazing off into the distance with a deer in the headlights look.  A few employees are probably checking email on their smart phones or laptops and there always seems to be that one employee who just can’t seem to stay awake.  Your employees are not engaged.

During a huddle, everyone is standing and alert because when it is their time to provide updates or respond, they need to do so quickly.  Because huddles are short, there is no need for chairs.  I recommend that you conduct your huddles in a location where no one is tempted to grab a chair and sit down.  This also ensures that the huddle continues at a quick pace, encouraging everyone to be prepared and stay on topic.

When you replace your lengthy meetings with huddles, you will notice more energy from your employees.  Not only will they be alert during the meeting, but they will also be eager to get back to work, maintaining their motivation.

3. Effectively handles problems

Oftentimes, during long meetings, discussions can take a huge left turn when someone brings up a problem.  Everyone has input and everyone has the right solution, causing your meeting to deviate off course for the next half hour.

During a huddle, when someone mentions an issue that has them stuck, the protocol is for another employee to quickly volunteer to help with the problem based on their position and knowledge of the problem.  The issue is not addressed then and there, but rather after the meeting.  This allows everyone to be able to go back to work and be productive, while the most qualified individual is able to help the employee with the issue, one on one.

Have you tried replacing your meetings with huddles?  Please share your experiences in the comments below.

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