5 Key Questions to Ask in Evaluating Candidates' Resumes

5 Key Questions to Ask in Evaluating Candidates’ Resumes

The average corporate job opening receives 250 applications, according to Glassdoor, so HR professionals and recruiters in all environments must know how to effectively evaluate a candidate’s competency based on their resume. The process becomes even more difficult when candidates submit resumes with vastly different formats and styles, adding an extra challenge to accurately comparing […]

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Recruiters: How to Make Your Candidates Love You

Dear Recruiter, The experience I had in working with you was like no other. In fact, it was terrible, and I hope to never encounter you again in a professional or non-professional setting. Hate, A Disgruntled Job Candidate Recruiting isn’t always rainbows and butterflies and flowers. There are times when job candidates or situations can […]

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