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Small Business Hiring 101: Tasks vs. Goals

As you conduct a traditional job search in your small business hiring, you’re going to come across different job candidates. Some have all of the necessary qualifications. Others seem a little over qualified if you’re being honest.

But as a hiring recruiter or manager, you’re going to have to make a choice: do you hire those job candidates who can perform the tasks that you need? Or do you guide your small business hiring in the direction of those who have the potential to go above and beyond?

Task-oriented candidates. These individuals are going to require some training, but once they’ve been through the basics, they’ll be able to handle the day-to-day responsibilities that go along with their job. You can also count on these candidates to handle like tasks that may fall under other jobs. These new hires are capable and quick to learn, but there may be a drawback.

They stick with what they know, which means they aren’t going to branch out and take on responsibilities or tasks that aren’t covered under their job description. In fact, if you ask them to do something outside of their job description, you might witness a small panic attack.

There is nothing wrong with this personality, by any means. They know what they can handle, and they like performing under the umbrella of their job description.

Goal-oriented candidates. Their resume makes it clear that they have the experience and the qualifications; however, their attitude during the job interview says something else entirely. They don’t just have what it takes for that particular job; they have the potential to grow into bigger, better jobs within your company.

When these new hires have completed their tasks, they find something else to do. Also, when they’re asked to step up and do something they’re not used to, they handle the change with confidence and ambition. They know this is their chance to show you they can do more.

With that, you need to invest in these new hires. Take them on sales calls, incorporate them into meetings and have them shadow various jobs within the company. Have conversations with them about their career track and what they need to do to reach their future goals. These conversations are also a great time to talk about the goals of the company and how they could eventually contribute.

When it comes to small business hiring, you’re going to want both types of employees. Just be sure to give each job opening some thought — is this a task-oriented opening or a position that can enable a job candidate to springboard into greater opportunities at the company?

How would you tell the difference between a task-oriented and goal-oriented job candidate? Tell us now in our comments!

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Kathryn Randolph

Kathryn is a freelance writer currently living in Chicago, Illinois. She holds a B.A. in English Writing from DePauw University and has five years experience writing for major job search and higher education websites. When she's not writing for the web, Kathryn is hanging out with her new baby girl, traveling, cooking, reading and running. She believes that the perfect job is out there for everyone and hopes to help Spark Hire job seekers discover their career passion and pursue it.

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