6 Myths (And Realities) About HR Tech You Need to Know About

As with any new tech tool that claims to make our work lives substantially easier, there’s often a lot of talk surrounding HR technologies. And when there’s talk, myths undoubtedly form. But they’re just that — myths. It’s only natural to want to avoid things we don’t fully understand, especially when those things involve seemingly […]

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Finding the Best and Avoiding the Worst in a Video Interview

Finding the Best and Avoiding the Worst in a Video Interview [Whitepaper]

At some point, every company will come to face the realization that they made a bad hire after thinking they had found the perfect candidate. A mistake like this can set a company back $50,000 or more. Video interviewing technology is a powerful solution for companies to avoid making this costly mistake again and quickly […]

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10 Video Interviewing Myths Debunked

10 Video Interviewing Myths Debunked [Whitepaper]

Sixty percent of companies currently have open positions that go unfilled for a long period of time because they cannot find the right people with the necessary skills to successfully perform the role. Traditional recruiting and hiring methods sometimes hinder more than help, therefore, companies should consider readily available technologies like video interviewing which has […]

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HRExaminer Radio

Spark Hire CEO Josh Tolan at HRExaminer Radio

Josh Tolan, Spark Hire CEO, was recently a guest at HRExaminer Radio and discussed the rapid growth of the Spark Hire video interviewing platform since its launching in 2012 and what he sees for the future of the technology. He also spoke in-depth about the features of Spark Hire’s one-way and recorded live interviews and the opportunities […]

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