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Forecast For Video Interviewing

2014 Forecast for Video Interviewing [Whitepaper]

Forecast For Video InterviewingVideo interviewing is like a successful child star. The budding technology catapulted to fame in no time and captured the hearts of many employers, recruiters, and staffing professionals worldwide. There’s no denying the potential of this hot HR trend as the technology grows more and more robust. However, similar to the uncertainty child actors face in their careers, if we fast-forward a few months, where will we find video interviewing? The answer lies in Spark Hire’s newly released whitepaper, “The 2014 Forecast for Video Interviewing.”

While most child actors run the risk of becoming a fleeting memory, the outlook for video interviewing is incredibly bright! In fact, the free to download whitepaper reveals the many ways employers will harness video interviewing in 2014. Readers also get an in-depth look into which companies and industries will prosper from the technology, as well as which types of candidates and workers will be best suited for the technology.

“More employers are expected to adopt video interviewing in 2014,” says Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire. “With ‘The 2014 Forecast for Video Interviewing’ whitepaper, we’re offering current and potential users more than a glimpse into the evolving uses of the technology.”

What are some examples of these forecasted trends and uses? In 2014, it’s predicted that employers will do away with quick fixes like Skype and opt for more potent video interviewing solutions like Spark Hire. The paper also reveals the online workforce is primed and ready for video interviewing to become the new norm. Why? There are currently about 34 million Americans who work at home at least occasionally. By 2016, virtual workers will consist of 43% of the American workforce. It’s not hard to imagine why companies will increasingly use video interviews to screen virtual candidates for cultural fit — there’s no travel required!

Download the new whitepaper, “The 2014 Forecast for Video Interviewing”, from Spark Hire to learn more about what’s to come for video interviewing.

2014 Forecast For Video Interviewing

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