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Common Challenges in Recruiting Millennials and Tips for Overcoming Them

Common Challenges in Recruiting Millennials and Tips for Overcoming Them

Millennials can add a valuable perspective to your office. However, recruiting this generation is different than recruiting other generations. You also may have heard some stereotypes about them that makes you a bit hesitant to go after the millennial age group. Separate fact from fiction and strategize your recruiting efforts properly and you’ll be able to add millennials to your team who help make your business a profitable and exciting place to work.

The stereotype: Millennials are job hoppers, so don’t waste your time recruiting them.

In reality: While some millennials do have a tendency to move from job to job, there are many who would be happy growing within one company. To encourage them to do this, present your millennial employees with opportunities for professional development. When they see that they can get a variety of experiences within your company, they’ll realize that they don’t have to hop from company to company to continue to grow in their field.

The stereotype: Millennials are self-centered and don’t care about the company as a whole.

In reality: Many millennials are actually focused on gaining leadership experience and are looking to become managers at some point. These individuals are highly focused on what’s best for the business, so give them the chance to shine in leadership roles when they become available. You may even consider developing a leadership training program within your organization so that younger candidates can slowly learn how to become a manager, thus prepping them when spots do open up.

The stereotype: Millennials know everything there is to know about technology.

In reality: By assuming millennials already know everything there is to know about technology, managers do these employees a disservice, as they often fail to train them properly. Yes, your millennial-aged employees may be savvy when it comes to social media, but you still need to offer proper training when it comes to the programs you use daily to do business.

The stereotype: Millennials are all about flexibility. They don’t want to work 9-5 in an office anymore.

In reality: While many millennials do care about flexibility, this blanket statement is unfair to make. Instead, talk to your candidates and find out what matters to them. You may find that the individual you’re speaking with wants to work somewhere that offers growth opportunities. Perhaps working for a company that gives back to the community matters to them. Asking what motivates the millennial is an important question if you’re looking to gain more insight into their personality.

How do you go about recruiting and hiring millennials? Share your tips with us in the comments!

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