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How Hiring is Different in 2015

How Hiring is Different in 2015For hiring managers, 2015 brings a new set of challenges and excitement when it comes to finding and retaining talent. If your job is to continue to keep engaged and experienced employees on staff in your organization, here are some things you’ll want to know about hiring in 2015:

People will continue to job hop

In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in job hopping, meaning that employees are more likely to get a job, stay for a few years, and then move on to something new. This certainly poses a challenge for hiring managers. To counteract this trend, it’s more crucial than ever before that employees have some incentive in order to remain where they are. Whether this is a generous salary and benefits package, a flexible schedule, or a work from home option, making the position appealing is a big part of earning long-term loyalty from top tier talent.

Job seekers want to be able to hunt on the go

Smartphones truly rule the world now. People use them for everything from ordering a pizza to finding a job. If you’re serious about reaching a wide sector of jobseekers, make sure that your business’s site looks great when viewed on a mobile device. An interested applicant should also be able to apply for a position online or get more information about your company by browsing the mobile version of the site.

Non-traditional interview techniques are on the rise

It’s becoming increasingly common for companies to offer non-traditional interview techniques, such as video interviewing, in order to make the process more convenient for job seekers. In addition to the convenience factor, these methods benefit employers too, as they open up the company to a whole new talent pool regardless of current location.

What recruiting techniques is your business using in 2015? Share with us in the comments!

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