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How to Recruit for Seasonal Workers More Effectively

How to Recruit for Seasonal Workers More EffectivelySeasonal workers play an integral role in a business’s success, but finding the right people to fill these spots is no easy task. As your company heads into the busy holiday season, use these tips to recruit skilled seasonal employees who you’ll be thrilled to ask back next year:

  • Make sure your job posting is up to date: In order for a seasonal employee to perform well, they need to know what is expected of them. Help make this possible by providing a job description that’s detailed and accurate. It’s okay to use last year’s posting, as long as you make sure to spruce it up and include any necessary updates.
  • Figure out where to find the talent: This may be on a site like Monster, or it could be through a local university’s career center. Instead of blindly posting ads and hoping that the right people see them, come up with a recruiting strategy. Think about where your ideal seasonal employees spend time, and then advertise there. What magazines do they read? What sites do they visit online? What coffee shops, restaurants, or businesses do they frequent? From there, you can make a plan to ensure that they see your job posting.
  • Start early: Next year, start early. Even if the holiday season feels like it’s years away, it’s never too early to begin recruiting. This gives you plenty of time to weed out the candidates who simply aren’t qualified, leaving only the most promising potential employees.

Lastly, make it a point to maintain good relationships with your best seasonal talent during the off months. When you know you have a core group of veteran employees who will return each year, it makes the hiring process much less stressful.

How do you approach your hiring as you search for seasonal workers? Let us know in the comments!

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