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Recruit Like The Big Guys

How Your Small Business Can Recruit Like the Big Guys

When you’re a small business, it can feel nearly impossible to recruit against huge organizations that can offer serious benefits packages and other perks. But rest assured that your small company can recruit just as effectively. Using these tips, you’ll be able to land employees who will be passionate about your company and will help you grow.

Recruit Like The Big Guys

Realize that you have a lot to offer as well

So your salaries may not be as high and your vacation time may not be as lengthy, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve got nothing to offer. In fact, many people would actually prefer to work for a smaller business. When you’re talking to talent, highlight the perks of working for your organization. Will they get to work in a lot of departments instead of being pigeonholed? Let them know. Will they get to work from home or set their own schedule? Make this clear. These kinds of perks often outweigh those offered by bigger groups.

Build relationships with students

Many students are interested in working with smaller companies, specifically because of the flexibility and training that these organizations offer. Therefore, your business should focus its recruiting efforts on local college campuses. When you start building connections with students, you’re opening the company up to a pool of enthusiastic potential new employees who are trained on the latest technology that the industry has to offer.

Be flexible

When you’re flexible, you’re more likely to land the attention of top-tier talent. For example, by offering the option of video interviewing instead of forcing all candidates to come in for a traditional face-to-face interview, you’re making it much easier for a person to chat with you about an open position. At the same time, you’re also illustrating that you value this individual’s needs and are willing to work with them to make their life easier. This is an important message to send, as employees want to join a company that is willing to accommodate them.

How does your small business approach recruiting efforts? Let us know in the comments.

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