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Key Traits to Look for in A Hospitality Industry Employee

Key Traits to Look for in A Hospitality Industry EmployeeWhen you’re hiring for a hospitality-related organization, you need to be on the lookout for certain personality types. In order to ensure that your business succeeds, you need to bring on team members who are passionate about their jobs, excited about the properties and companies they represent, and truly looking out for customers’ best interests. Other important traits that any successful hospitality industry employee should have include:

The ability to multitask

The hospitality industry is fast-paced, and often requires a staff member to do several different things at once. If a potential team member is overwhelmed by this concept or has trouble dividing their attention, it’s likely that they’ll struggle in their role.

Organizational skills

In addition to multitasking, the ideal team member will be able to stay organized at all times. When a person fails to do this, guests’ requests and other issues quickly slip through the cracks, leaving your business falling behind. Before bringing a new hire on board, you need to make sure that they have systems in place to stay organized even when their days are busy.

A focus on teamwork

The hospitality industry is focused heavily on teamwork, and you’ll need to hire employees who appreciate this dynamic. The outfit runs best when everyone is pulling their own weight without worrying about getting credit for ideas or undermining others. Because the field is so customer-focused, an organization that’s full of selfish individuals will quickly implode.

Sharp listening skills

In order to satisfy a guest’s needs, a team member must have the ability to really listen to what they’re asking for. Someone who just smiles and nods will probably not be able to deliver an appropriate solution to a problem or response to a request. Make sure that the people you invite to join your team are those who have mastered the art of listening, and are able to respond to guests’ questions, comments, and concerns accordingly.

Lastly, an authentic sense of enthusiasm is a must for any hospitality industry employee. The individual has to feel passionate about the property and city in which they work in order to give guests the best experience possible when they visit. You can train someone on how to use certain computer programs, but you can’t teach enthusiasm, so it’s important to recruit those who have a palpable passion for what they do.

What kinds of traits do you seek out when you’re moving through the hiring process? Let us know in the comments!

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