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The Recruiting Trends to Pay Attention to in 2015

As a hiring manager, the New Year is an important time to refocus your efforts and start off strong. In order to make 2015 a productive and positive one for your business, make note of these recruiting trends that will become important this year:

An emphasis on retention

Retention should become even more of a priority to you this year, as it helps to keep your company consistent and productive. If your business struggles with retaining employees, zero in on some of your top talent who may potentially leave, and come up with a detailed plan for how you might encourage these individuals to stay. Sometimes simply acknowledging your employees’ needs and working with them to meet these requests is all that’s required to make them feel satisfied once again.

Offering the total package instead of focusing solely on salary

Yes, salary matters. People want to be compensated for the work that they do. But it’s becoming increasingly common for employees to care about more than just the figure they see on their paycheck. Offering perks like work from home days and flexible schedules can help with recruiting top talent away from bigger firms that might be able to pay more than you can. Instead of focusing solely on the money, think about other, unique ways in which you might be able to attract talent. For example, during the interview process, why not offer to do a video interview? This prevents the candidate from having to disrupt his or her entire day in order to come into your office to speak to you. Showing that you respect a potential employee’s time is a great way to appeal to a person who may be interested in coming to work for you.

Have a story behind your company

A compelling story and vision that powers your business is an essential recruitment tool. People want to work for a company that stands for something. A mantra or a specific approach to the way you do business is necessary in order to stand out and recruit top talent.

How is your business approaching recruitment in 2015? Let us know in the comments!

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