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The Subtle Ways You’re Pushing Talent Away

The Subtle Ways You’re Pushing Talent AwayBusiness owners and managers understand the importance of recruiting top tier talent, however many people fail to comprehend the ways in which their company is actually unknowingly repelling new hires. In order to keep your company performing and productive, take care to avoid adopting the following practices:

Placing “blah” job ads

When you’re going after serious talent, you need to understand that you won’t be the only one. Therefore, the job ads you post need to catch a reader’s eye. Instead of simply rattling off duties, you need to sell your company. Why would someone want to work for you? What benefits might they enjoy? Include duties too, but also paint a picture about the positives of working for your company. This forms a more in-depth and enticing ad that will leave a prospective employee intrigued and engaged.

Making the application process draining

If people have to jump through hoops to fill out an application with your company, don’t be surprised if you miss out on significant talent. Remember that potential new hires are busy, particularly the most desirable candidates, as chances are they’re already employed in prominent positions. Respect candidates’ time by making it easy to fill out an application.

You may also want to consider implementing video interviews into your hiring process. Specifically, the one-way interview can be very convenient for even the busiest of job seekers because he or she can record their answers to an employers’ questions whenever they have free time.

Putting strict rules in place and showing an unwillingness to work with a candidate’s preferences

If you immediately start talking about strict time off policies and other regulations, a candidate may be put off and look elsewhere. It’s okay to have rules in place, but you also need to have some degree of flexibility, particularly if you’re hoping to attract a highly desirable candidate. To make your business more appealing, consider implementing a work from home policy or offering a more flexible plan regarding vacation days.

What kinds of strategies do you implement in order to appeal to top talent in your industry? Let us know in the comments!

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