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Human Resources and Marketing Departments: Allies with a Common Goal

As part of your company’s HR department, there are probably times when you feel like you’re part of a lonely, little group that’s laboring away to achieve company goals. You may feel that human resources is a misunderstood department; one that’s seen by others as working against the rest of the team, instead of with it. After all, you’re trying to fortify your small business with good employees, while other departments, like the marketing team, is trying to build business so those employees have work.

But here’s a little secret that both of your departments might not understand: the human resources and marketing departments are actually allies for a common goal. The goal of creating a stronger, more successful business can be more easily achieved when everyone works together as a team. These tips will help you promote team spirit between your department and the marketing people down the hall and co-ordinate best practices for hiring.

Tips for Cohesiveness and Productivity

  • Realize the Value of Both Departments. Engaging potential employees is similar to the process and value of engaging potential customers. Both situations involve some courting and the need to create interest, with the ultimate goal of conversion. HR and marketing both add to the value by bringing aboard others who can help them achieve the company’s missions through online recruiting and online marketing to strengthen the bottom line.
  • Understand How You Impact Each Other. Whether you realize it or not, when the human resources department is off kilter, it impacts the marketing department and vice versa. Neither of you are islands, nor are your actions exclusive of one another. If for no other reason than the Domino Effect, it’s essential that the two departments recognize the impact they have on one another.
  • Discuss Potential Contributions Toward Goal Achievement. The two-heads-are-better-than-one approach can work well when HR and marketing decide to get together and work toward specific goals. You may have different approaches and purposes, but your combined contributions will meld together to help achieve company-wide goals. During combined department meetings, ask one another “What are you working on, and how can we help you reach your goal?” When both departments ask this question, you’ll find that the line between HR and marketing blurs more often than you thought.
  • Become Two Sides of the Same Coin. Despite the similarities, there are still enough differences between human resources and marketing that the two should be distinct and separate in their own right. To not recognize those differences would be the same thing as devaluing the unique expertise each department brings to the table. Your departments aren’t the same, but they can function as two sides of the same coin.
  • Remain in Communication. In everything, communication is the key to a successful work relationship. Your company might find it most effective to have a department liaison meet with one from the marketing department. Or you may discover that it’s more productive to have both departments sit down together periodically to discuss goals. Through trial, error and constant communication, determine what practices work best for both departments.

United You Stand

Although it may feel awkward at first, as soon as the human resources and marketing departments get used to working together, you’ll realize how beneficial your combined strengths are. The expertise you and your fellow human resources team use to bring valuable employees on-board works hand-in-hand with the business-building expertise the marketing team employs. When both departments are aligned with one another, they create a coalition that’s hard to beat. On paper your department goals might look different from those of the marketing department. But when you put your heads together, you’ll see you’ve got a lot more in common than you realized and achieve far greater success in talent acquisition and talent management.

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