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Spark Hire’s Top 25 Must Read Blogs for Employers

At Spark Hire, we know hiring top talent is no easy feat. With more applicants than ever, it’s especially important to make sure you’re staffing your company with the right candidates. Thankfully, the HR field is full of great thinkers willing to share their insights and engage in meaningful discussions about the challenges we all […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Video Interviewing

Spark Hire Releases Free eBook on Video Interviewing

Spark Hire has released a new eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Video Interviewing. This eBook is free to download and provides business owners and HR professionals with information on the benefits of utilizing video interviewing in their hiring process. The eBook focuses on how integrating video interviews over some traditional interviewing techniques is proven to […]

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Are Video Interviews Replacing The Traditional Interview?

The replacement question. One I’m often asked as the CEO of a company that offers video interviewing solutions. Are you looking to replace the traditional, in-person interview with video interviews? The short answer is: no. The main purpose of video interviews is to bridge the gap between an initial paper resume to the in-person interview. […]

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Live Video Interviews in Action

Yesterday, Spark Hire examined one way video interviews in action so it’s only proper that a post is also dedicated to seeing live video interviews in action. In this video portrayal, a candidate appears to be preparing for an in-person interview. He wakes up early, showers, dresses in a suit, eats breakfast, and even reads a […]

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One Way Video Interviews In Action

In this video, Spark Hire demonstrates one way video interviews in action. You’ll notice the hiring authority has a line of interviews to conduct. In order to avoid this situation, the hiring authority turns to one way video interviews, also known as Spotlight Interviews, to gain insight on candidates and save a ton of time. […]

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