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Boost Your Hiring Process With Video Like This Phenomenal People Officer

Boost Your Hiring Process With Video Like This Phenomenal People Officer

Brad Goldoor, Co-Founder and Chief People Officer at Phenom People, discusses how today’s most progressive companies are using video to attract, nurture, and convert qualified job candidates. He and Josh speak on why video should be implemented throughout the employee lifecycle. If you’re looking to integrate video into your hiring process, Brad provides the tips you need. Learn where to start, what tools to use, how to format the videos, and discover real world examples.

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Show notes

1:13 Introduction to Brad and Phenom People
6:44 Why companies should use video in recruiting and onboarding
7:55 Where to start with video in hiring
11:40 Results from adding video to Phenom’s hiring process
13:32 Phenom People’s unique way of sending job offers
16:16 Video in onboarding
21:24 How to get started with a video strategy
23:20 How to format video content
26:27 Overcoming camera shyness
28:30 What you should invest in for videos
30:19 Video recruitment role models
32:25 Brad’s Favorites

Resources mentioned on the episode

Phenom People’s Glassdoor
Video Messaging
LuMee lightup Phone cases
Microsoft’s “Working at Microsoft” YouTube Channel
The Hershey Company’s YouTube Channel
Whole Foods Market Careers YouTube Channel
Deloitte’s Careers Page (for more video job description examples)
Recruiting Headlines
Hung Lee’s Recruiting Brainfood
“Job Interview at Heineken”
Brad’s LinkedIn
Phenom People’s Careers Page
Phenom People’s Linkedin

Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan is the Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform used by 6,000+ customers in over 100 countries.