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How Anyone Can Create A Great Employer Branding Video

How Anyone Can Create A Great Employer Branding Video

Every day, video becomes more ingrained in our lives. You use video chats to catch up with friends and family. You watch videos online for entertainment. You learn new skills by watching how-to videos. Yet many hiring professionals are still not including videos in their employer branding efforts.

This is unfortunate considering how much video can improve your employer brand. Watching a variety of videos gives job seekers a deep understanding of what your organization is like and how it can be a perfect fit for them. Moreover, great branding videos are easy to make — even if you’re not a filmography expert.

If you’re wary about recording employer branding videos, we’ve put together a guide that will help you create great content. By using this checklist, you’ll know what to do each step of the way so you get videos that recruit top talent.

Here’s what you need to know:

Know your equipment

These days, anyone with a cell phone can record and share videos instantly. But there are other options. It’s important to know what each type of recording device has to offer and what’s the right choice for your employer branding strategy.

Phones and tablets

One of the biggest advantages of using your mobile device to record video is the convenience. There’s no extra equipment or costs and you can take them anywhere. This makes these devices particularly handy when recording the following types of employer branding videos:

  • Footage from company events
  • Virtual tours of the office
  • Short, behind-the-scenes peeks at what employees are working on

Because you’re holding the phone, these videos can be shakey, so it’s recommended you buy a phone tripod.

Consider sharing these videos on social media to give job seekers a casual, but authentic view of the company culture by uploading videos of what’s going on in the workplace.


The camera on your laptop or computer is a great option for longer employer branding videos. Since the computer is on a stable surface, the footage is steadier. Plus, in most recording programs, the person in front of the camera can see what they look like on the computer screen. This makes them ideal for:

  • Employee testimonials
  • Video messages from leadership
  • Intro and outro videos from you or other important people in video interviews

Video cameras

Video cameras are great options because they are portable but can also be stabilized on a tripod. If you’re creating a video that uses a mix of mobile and stationary footage, a video camera might be your best option. This will ensure all the footage is of the same quality because you’re not mixing different types of devices or video files. Consider using a video camera when:

  • You’re planning to edit together different scenes or video files
  • You have a professional videographer that knows how to operate it
  • You need the highest quality video

If you only plan to create a few employer branding videos, it’s probably not worth buying a new camera with all the bells and whistles. There is a wide range of quality and costs when it comes to video cameras.

Weigh whether the purchase is worth it for your organization or if your format of each video can easily be adjusted to fit the equipment you already possess. Of course, you can also hire a freelancer to record with their own video equipment.

Planning the video

Candid videos can be a great part of your employer branding process. But in most cases, you need a game plan before recording a video. This ensures what’s said makes an impact and no one rambles off topic.

What job seekers can learn

A great employer branding video is succinct and memorable. After watching, the job seeker should know something new about your organization and what it means to be an employee there. Just be sure not to overwhelm the viewer with all the positive aspects of your workplace in one video. Create individual videos to showcase things such as:

  • Company culture
  • Mission and values
  • Employee benefits
  • “A day in the life” for specific positions

Who will be in the video

This might seem obvious, but often people don’t consider all the factors when “casting” an employer branding video. Anyone who is in the video does more than just represent the organization. They also need to be someone who will speak in a way that resonates with prospective talent. Look for employees who:

  • Showcase the company’s diversity
  • Have an appropriate online presence
  • Are articulate and can speak about the organization in their own words
  • Have a great employee story to share

Where to record

One of the biggest mistakes novice video creators make is not scouting out the recording location first. While a space might seem great in real life, there could be variables that will ruin an employer branding video. Be conscious of:

  • Ambient noise that might be amplified on video
  • Inconsistent lighting from the sun or through windows
  • Increased chance of interruptions from the daily goings-on in the office

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Josh Tolan

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