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5 Reasons Why You Need To Be Recruiting From The Cloud

As we all know, recruitment is a competitive game. At any given time there are a limited number of vacancies and promising job seekers, while the number of recruiters competing for them is only on the up.

When it comes to getting ahead and staying ahead, cloud-based recruitment systems are the best solution. Agency and in-house recruiters who are not supported by a high-powered, cloud-based RMS risk taking the long way around every task – from completing time-consuming admin to securing top talent fast.

Here are 5 important reasons why you need to be recruiting from the cloud now. People whose recruitment activities revolve around Excel spreadsheets – we’re looking at you!


For a lot of businesses, adopting cloud-based software systems is a cost-friendly alternative to clunky hardware.

Cloud-based systems remove the reliance on expensive, physical data storage devices and the pricey IT consultants required to service them. Relying on hardware is not only costly, but it also exposes businesses to risk if it is compromised or damaged.

Team Collaboration

Software that is cloud-based is well suited to teams.

Access is easily shared among users and it allows different team members, including remotely working staff, to collaborate on projects at the same time. Streamlining all recruitment activities through one online platform adds structure and simplicity to every user’s workflow.

Recruit Everywhere

Recruitment professionals who are able to recruit on the go have a significant competitive advantage over those who can’t.

Recruiting on the go with cloud-based applications allows recruiters to do such things as view and respond to job applications in real time and give immediate updates to clients. Whether on the train in to work or over a morning coffee, this enables staff to better manage their workload.

Work Remotely

Cloud-based systems run on any web browser or mobile device, freeing the recruiter or HR professional from being confined to their desk in order to do their job. Not only is this inclusive of the portion of a company’s workforce that work from home, it also allows staff to achieve work/life balance by enabling them to work from anywhere in the world with access to wifi.

As Aaron Williams of the Onset Group reported first hand on the subject of providing staff with work flexibility, “some of our [recruitment] team do their absolute best candidate calls between 7 and 9 at night.”


It is crucial that the confidential information recruiters handle every day is kept secure.

Unlike with programs such as Microsoft Excel and Outlook – that were not designed for recruitment – there is no such thing as lost emails or misplaced attachments with cloud-based recruitment platforms. Instead, documentation and contacts are safely stored in one place.

Which one of these benefits is most important to your business?

Let us know in the comments below!

About The Author:

Laura Hanrahan

Laura Hanrahan is a Marketing Content Writer at JobAdder.

JobAdder is a global recruitment platform.

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