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3 Things You Need to be Doing When Hiring in 2016

The interview process has become more competitive than ever before. Success in the digital world demands new ways of thinking, especially when it comes to implementing a more effective interviewing process.  

Hiring managers and recruiters are rethinking their approach to finding talent and combining the potential that technology has when conducting interviews.

Here are some things to consider using when hiring job candidates in 2016:

1. Use video technology to interview candidates.

The interview process has become increasingly competitive in the recruitment arena and is pushing employers to use technology platforms to recruit and screen qualified candidates.

Some of the potential candidates are from the West Coast and are thinking about working in the D.C area. It is economically unfeasible to have face-to-face interviews with every potential candidate — so staffing firms are now using video interviewing software features to conduct candidate screening and interviews.

Video interviews are convenient and effective way to get more insight on job candidates in half the time a phone interview takes. Additionally, busy medical providers really like the convenience of being able to interview conveniently from their office or home.


Ahmed Elsayyad, CEO, Elsayyad Medical Group, LLC

2. Connect with candidates on social media in a new way.

When it comes to a hiring search, companies are now using social media as part of the process — since all of their potential employees and interns would be handling a good bit of both. In marketing, social media and creativity are two keys to the industry and are musts in today’s world.

Once candidates send in their resumes and cover letters via email, video interviews are scheduled with them before bringing anyone in for an in-person interview.

At the end of the video interview, each candidate is told to follow up within a few days via Instagram, Vine, Snapchat or any other social medium that showcases their creativity in the best sense. Candidates are able touch on something that discussed during the initial interview or something that shows off their personality. Vine seemed to be the most popular.

Once they send it, hiring managers look for some kind of creative spark from the potential candidate — something that makes you think, “Wow, this is cool and creative.” If a job candidate isn’t willing to do even a basic assignment like we asked, then it’s likely that attitude will carry over into their internship or job.

This process helps us discover far more about a person than a general interview and also keeps both parties from wasting time with what could be a very poor fit from the start.


Shaun Walker,  Creative Director/Co-Founder, HEROfarm Marketing and Public Relations

3. Submit simple online application forms.

The high quantity of recruitment that we conduct for our online booking home services platform isn’t for the faint-hearted. As a startup with a small team, we have to leverage technology to deal with all but the final stages of the recruitment process.

In 2016, companies plan to utilize online Job Application Forms. This highly intuitive form builder allows hiring managers and recruiters to screen workers through mandatory, single option questions.

The power of application forms lies in the fact that it integrates nicely with Google drive spreadsheet, Dropbox and email services such as Mailchimp.

It even provides the option to create a PDF version of each application, that’s delivered directly to the recruitment managers’ email account. This is available at hand when it comes to actually interviewing the clients.

The complete process reduces the need for printed-paper and storage space.

It’s only after this process that an initial telephone interview is conducted, which serves to assess candidate’s level of understanding of the role and whether they are suitable for it.


Francene Mullings, Founder, HOMUI

How do you think the interview process with change in the next year? Take a look at one of our recent infographics below for some ideas.

Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan is the Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform used by 6,000+ customers in over 100 countries.